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Who are we?

Hello we are the MindMavens! We are a group of trained brains who are passionate about prevention.  

We are mental + emotional health experts with, advanced degrees and clinical training, and a powerful enthusiasm for helping people take care of their mental + emotional health.

Although we are licensed clinicians we call ourselves MindMavens to distinguish the specialized work we do. We are trained experts on the brain, and we use our unique skill-sets to help support other brains.

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What do we do?

A novel approach, psychoeducation, prevention and consultation services made accessible.

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Your brain doesn't come with an owner's manual. We help people develop one.


We believe that lasting change can be spurred by knowledge, behavioral action and accountability so we've developed a suite of first of their kind tools to help people take care of their mental + emotional health. From self-paced coursework, to mindfulness based stress reduction groups, to one-on-one coaching and organizational consultation we strive to provide engaging and adaptable materials for all.

Individual services

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Why do we do it?

Simply put, because mental + emotional health matters.

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